The Brazilian Association of Operators of Tourist and Cultural Trains - ABOTTC was founded in 2000 and based in Campos do Jordão (SP).

A ABOTTC é uma entidade reconhecida por congregar e representar com excelência os interesses das operadoras de trens turístico-culturais em âmbito nacional e internacional. Difusora de uma nova cara para o transporte ferroviário de passageiros no Brasil, que atenta tanto para a preservação quanto para a revitalização dos trechos em atividade e os desativados.


Represent the interests of tour operator-cultural trains.

Promoting the growth and development of the sector, as well as increasing the national tourist activity through the stimulation of the use of the trains in operation.


Represent the interests of tour operator-cultural trains.

Publicize and promote with responsibility the Cultural Tourism Railway in Brazil and abroad, always watching over the preservation of heritage and encouraging the revitalization of the railway.


The Brazilian Association of Operators of Tourist and Cultural Trains - ABOTTC was founded in 2000 and based in Campos do Jordão (SP). The entity arose from the need that operators of trains with tourist-cultural purposes had to unify the sector by promoting the exchange of information and giving visibility to the sector compared to the rest of the national and international tourist market.

Between 2000 and 2003, the organization supported and held, in partnership with the Railway Preservation Movement - MPF (http://www.trembrasil.org.br/), several events focused on railway preservation and revitalization with regional and national coverage. As of May 2004, the entity's headquarters was transferred to Rua Cosme Velho 513 in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Association was amended and legalized through the constitution of an OSCIP - Civil Social Organization of Public Interest. This decision was taken as it was understood that the operators for tourism-cultural purposes have as essential the preservation and revitalization of the national railway assets, which makes the actions carried out by ABOTTC not only in the interest of the operators but of the whole society .

The 2004-2006 biennium was chaired by Sávio Neves, Executive Director of the Corcovado Train (RJ) and Anderson Pacheco - Director of Serrambi Turismo, responsible for the coordination of the Forró Train (PE).

The board was composed by Adonai Aires, Director of Serra Verde Express (PR); By Jair Baruffi, representative of Giordani Turismo, operator of the Wine Train (RS); By Berenício Carvalho, representative of the Maria Fumaça linking São João Del Rei to Tiradentes (MG) and José Francisco, representative of the Campos do Jordão (SP) Railway.

In 2006-2008, Sávio Neves (Corcovado Train) was reappointed to the ABOTTC presidency, with Adonai Aires Filho (Serra Verde Express) as vice president. At a regular meeting, a statutory amendment was adopted, extending the mandate from two to four years.

The current mandate derives from a re-election of the previous presidency and refers to the quadrennium 2008-2012. In 2010, the entity signed an important agreement with SEBRAE for the development of the tourist-cultural railway sector called '' Trem é Turismo ''.

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Diretoria executiva

Adonai Aires Arruda Filho - - - - - - Presidente (Serra Verde Express)

Sávio Luís Ferreira Neves Filho - - - - - - Vice Presidente (Estrada de Ferro Corcovado)

Geraldo Virgilio Godoy - - - - - - Primeiro Secretário (ABPF Nacional)

João Bosco Setti - - - - - - Primeiro Tesoureiro (ABPF Nacional)

Conselho Deliberativo

Susana Tercila Giordani - - - - - - Presidente (Giordani Turismo)

Ivo Arias - - - - - - Vice Presidente (ABPF - Viação Férrea Campinas a Jaguariúna)

Conselho Fisca

Anderson Silva Pacheco - - - - - - Presidente (Serrambi Viagens e Turismo)

Cesar Mori Júnior - - - - - - Vice Presidente (Circuito Ferroviário Vale Verde)