Serra Verde Express receives group of NGO "Girl of the Eyes" that rescues children of human trafficking in Kathmandu
Special guests were on the Serra Verde Express train earlier this month. Waldemar Niclevicz , one of the most important Brazilian climbers and a group of 18 people from Nepal , all the NGO Girl Eye ( The Apple of God's Eyes ) that rescues children and young people of human trafficking, made the trip between Curitiba and the State Park Marumbi In full Serra do Mar Paranaense.
A social project based in Kathmandu is led by Pastor Silvio Silva and has been supported by Niclevicz since, in one of his expeditions to the Nepalese mountains, he became aware of the work done by Brazilians. Currently 150 children rescued from sex trafficking reside in the houses of the Girl of the Eyes, Nepal, where they receive housing, food, school and all the emotional and psychological support they need. In addition, 1,500 children with a school scholarship and social work in the region's communities are indirectly served.
The group, made up of 18 people among rescued girls and boys, monitors and an official representative of the Government of Nepal , was in Brazil to publicize the work of the institution and through music and dance presentations to sensitize donors to the cause. According to Waldemar, the great challenge in this work is to make each of these children rescue their dignity, the will to live and the certainty that they can be someone. "Whenever I go to Nepal, I visit the NGO and promote conversations with the children to try to bring them that sense of hope and strength to overcome challenges. The NGO gives education, food, but it does more than that. Give them a future, prepare to face life, "commented Niclevicz.

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